About Carole Shepherd


Carole Shepherd, LCSW-R, LMT, RYT, SEP is a licensed psychotherapist, complementary medicine practitioner, educator, program developer and EMDR Consultant in private practice in Manhattan and Long Island, NY.

Carole practices integrative psychotherapy, incorporating contemporary therapies with classic approaches, with a specialization in the treatment of Trauma, PTSD, and Addiction Recovery. 

Ms. Shepherd was a Clinical Supervisor and Program Developer at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy Trauma Studies Center (ICP), NY. Carole developed and co-facilitated the Mind/ Body Skills Pilot Program for Traumatic Stress at ICP. 

Carole was also an Executive Committee Member at the Trauma & EMDR Treatment Service for Adults at National Institute for the Psychotherapies, NY, where she also served as Associate Director and faculty at National Institute for the Psychotherapies Trauma Program.

Previously, Carole was a Clinical Supervisor at St. Vincent’s Medical Center Integrative Stress Management Program, NY; South Nassau Communities Hospital Mental Health Counseling Center, Baldwin, NY; Midtown Center for Complementary Care, NY, a satellite facility of Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital sponsored by The Complementary Care Foundation, Inc., and Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Carole is a current member of the Trauma Recovery, EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program which brings mental health clinicians with evidence-based therapy to the scene of disasters, providing pro bono care to those affected.

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